Utilization of ERC-20 cryptocurrency issued based on
blockchain technology Electric vehicle charging service provided
Reward service provided through charging station use and mileage review
Optimized vehicle diary functionality for electric vehicles


Global electric vehicle sales are expected to exceed 10 million units
for the first time in 2022, reaching 10.5 million units.
In addition, electric vehicle sales in 2030 are expected to exceed
internal combustion locomotive sales with a market share of about 54%
and electric vehicle charging-related businesses will develop further.
Using ERC-20 cryptocurrency issued based on blockchain technology,
EVCL will provide a vehicle diary optimized for electric vehicles
as well as a charging-related service to charge electric vehicles.

Based on the blockchain ERC-20,
a transparent and safe system was established.
When an electric vehicle user approaches the charger for charging,
it is not exposed to the user, but services
are available through numerous data exchanges
between infrastructure layers built in the EVCL platform network.

The service scenario will check the status of the charger
available to the electric vehicle user's smartphone
and other communication terminals, receive encrypted data for payment,
go through the authentication process, and start charging.

EVCL Recharge Systems

Location-Based Charging Station Exploration

Enter information in EVCL APP, such as the type of vehicle you have and the average charging time.
Depending on the driver's location, it finds the closest and most suitable charging station to the vehicle.

Review and Reward

After charging at the charging station, EVCL tokens will be rewarded if charging station accessibility, availability of large vehicles, charging device operation, and convenience facilities such as toilets near the charging station are evaluated, and additional reward tokens will be given to excellent reviewers with high community contribution.

Distribution plan

It is a technology that will be an essential item and a reliable vehicle management advisor for all people who own electric vehicles regardless of vehicle type.
It will fund the development of essential equipment, technology, and software, and will empower global efforts to turn all vehicles on the road into pollution-free vehicles.

  • Token name:EVCL
  • Symbol: EVCL
  • Protocol: ERC-20
  • Total supply: 250,000,000
  • Early Investor 10 %
  • Advisor & Team 10%
  • Partner 15 %
  • Marketing 15 %
  • Token Sale 20 %
  • Rewards 30 %

Blockchain Wallet

It can be used for charging payment using
EVCL token.



Q2 EVCL Establishment and project planning

Q3 Whitepaper Completed

Q4 EVCL Wallet Development Progress


Q1 EVCL Recharge Development Starts

Q2 EVCL Wallet Completed

Q3 EVCL APP Development Starts

Q4 EVCL Listed on Global Exchange


Q1 EVCL Platform establish

Q2 EVCL Platform Beta test

Q3 EVCL Recharge Start the Service

Q3 EVCL APP Development Completed

Q4 NEW Road Map Announcement

Q4 EVCL Recharge Expand your Service area of service area